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Who We Are

RedLand Properties Incorporated was founded by Andrea and Marquis Landon who were graciously backed by a silent partner. With their combined knowledge of construction and rental experience The Landons are looking to buy, renovate, rent and/or wholesale property throughout the Chicagoland area. After joining and learning for a local group of experienced investors real estate investors, Andrea and Marquis, created a real estate investment team and are pursuing the American dream of true wealth while helping others.‚Äč

About RedLand Properties Inc.

Our Founders

Marquis Landon is President of RedLand Properties Inc. and one of the founding members.  Marquis has been on the police force for over 10 years. During his time on the police force, though he loved his occupation, Marquis came to the realization that true wealth is created through real estate and the richest people from the fortune 500 hundred list all have real estate
in their portfolio. Marquis worked with some of the best real estate investors in the industry. With his life partner and wife, Andrea, established RedLand Properties Inc. in 2011. RedLand Properties Inc. are looking for investors and joint ventures to provide funds to help them change lives. RedLand will provide ARV and repair information up front with full disclosure of each property. We pride ourselves on time management and communication so that we can assure investors their money is put to good use and financial returns will be optimal. If you are interested in investing or pursuing a joint venture with RedLand please contact us at the information below.

Andrea Landon is Vice President of RedLand Properties Inc. and one of the founding members.  Andrea has masters in project management, an undergraduate in construction management, and has been in the construction/real estate business for 14 years working on multi-¬≠million dollar commercial investments. Andrea came to the realization that true wealth is created through real estate by managing and running your own transactions. With all the knowledge and experience she has gained through the years she has had the opportunity to work with internationally known and experienced real estate investors and created her own real estate investment team. With Andrea's substantial academic qualifications, and experience she and her husband, Marquis, decided to start thier own real estate refurbishment business in 2011.  

Our Philosophy

Every family deserves a beautiful home and a safe place to grow those families. This has inspired our mission. Revitalize neighborhoods and give them back to the people. This is best accomplished by purchasing under valued property; remodeling, and selling that property to provide homes for families. We also have ways to save current homeowners from foreclosure.